Mass Spectrometry

Best practice, tips and tricks for improved atomic absorption

Separation Science, in collaboration with Agilent, offers a free-access learning series comprising video tutorials discussing fundamentals, best practice tips and tricks, and maintenance and troubleshooting advice for atomic absorption spectroscopy. The available tutorials include:

  • Tutorial #1: Types & Performance of AA Lamps
    This tutorial will highlight the common types of lamps that are available for use with AA instrumentation. These ‘hollow cathode’ lamps are required for each element that needs to be determined. Performance and lifetime advantages of Agilent lamps will also be addressed.
  • Tutorial #2: Improving Performance
    This tutorial will highlight the top 5 tips for improving and optimizing the performance of your flame atomic absorption instruments. Potential issues that can impact on performance will be outlined and advice on maintenance to avoid common problems will be covered.
  • Tutorial #3: Maintenance, Consumables & Resources
    Here you will hear some recommended maintenance schedules for flame atomic absorption instrumentation, to help you achieve good and consistent performance. Guidelines on recommended consumables and supplies that you should stock are also outlined.
  • Tutorial #4: Questions & Answers
    This presentation includes a series of attendee questions submitted at a recent seminar focusing on real-world tips and tricks to help atomic absorption users with operation and maintenance.

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These tutorials are presented by Eric Vanclay. Eric joined Varian in 1988 and has worked in a number of roles including Atomic Absorption Product Specialist, Atomic Absorption Product Manager, Export Marketing Manager, European Field Sales/Applications Specialist (atomic spectroscopy), ICP-OES Product Manager and MP-AES Product Manager. After the acquisition of Varian by Agilent, Eric took on the role of Spectroscopy Supplies Product Marketing Manager, with responsibility for field sales support, customer support, product development and marketing of the spectroscopy supplies. He has over 30 years’ experience with all of the atomic spectroscopy techniques. He is based at Agilent’s Spectroscopy Technology Innovation Centre in Melbourne, Australia.
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