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Understanding the benefits of new generation agarose-based SEC resins for biomolecules

Looking for a solution to biomolecule analysis? Familiar with size exclusion chromatography but need improved analysis? If so, this article outlining new generation agarose-based resins might just be what you need...

4 new generation SEC resins for analytical SECNew generation agarose-based size exclusion chromatography resins from GE Healthcare are well-suited to biomolecular analysis. The columns together cover separation of a broad molecular weight range (Mr 100 to 5000000) from small peptides up to large protein complexes. The image to the right shows the four different resins available Superdex™ 30 Increase, Superdex 75 Increase, Superdex 200 Increase and Superose™ 6 Increase), together with recommended areas of analysis.

The resins are produced with a novel manufacturing method resulting in more rigid, smaller beads with a narrower particle size distribution, compared with the original Superose/Superdex resins. The consequence of this improvement is shorter runtime and increased resolution compared to the original Superose/Superdex columns.

New-generation SEC resins from GE are packed in three different column sizes to fit different needs in biomolecular analysis:

Blog1Column1Image10 mm × 300 mm

  • high-resolution analysis (25 to 500 μL sample volume)
  • best choice if sample amount is not limited

Blog1Column2Image3.2 mm × 300 mm

  • high-resolution analysis (4 to 50 μL sample volume)
  • low sample and buffer consumption

Blog1Column3ImageBlog1Column3Image5 mm × 150 mm

  • purity check
  • rapid screening
  • low sample (4 to 50 μL sample volume) and buffer consumption

These new generation agarose-based size exclusion chromatography columns have several features that ensure good analytical SEC data, being:

  • column-to-column reproducibility
  • resin batch-to-batch reproducibility
  • lifetime stability
  • easy inspection of the packed resin bed
  • stability with a range of buffers

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