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TUTORIAL SERIES: Ion Chromatography Fundamentals

Want to know more about ion chromatography (IC) applications? How can correct use of this technique help you develop better environmental, food and beverage methods? Visit the 'Ion Chromatography' learning hub for the latest comprehensive tutorials on these topics, and much more...


Here you'll find a host of useful resources for those looking to increase knowledge of ion chromatography, improve analytical skills and better understand best practices.

Presented by leading technology expert Joachim Weiss, this presentation provides a comprehensive introduction to IC, the basics of anion-exchange chromatography including stationary phases for small-molecular weight anions, the basics of cation-exchange chromatography including stationary phases for small-molecular weight cations, and detection methods for IC.

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Joachim Weiss

Joachim Weiss currently holds the position of International Technical Director for Dionex Products within Thermo Fisher Scientific. Dr Weiss is recognized as an international expert in analytical chemistry, and the 4th edition of his Handbook of Ion Chromatography was published in 2016. In 2015, he was awarded the Maria Sklodowska Curie Medal of the Polish Chemical Society for his achievements in separation science.



INTERVIEW SERIES: Conversations with world renowned IC Expert

In a series of special video interviews done recently, Professor Pernendu (Sandy) K. Dasgupta, University of Texas in Arlington, shared his thoughts on IC including topics such as origins and possible developments of reagent-free IC, why perchlorate and ambient ion monitoring in Southeast Asia.

Origins of Reagent-Free Ion Chromatography




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