Liquid Chromatography

Reliable walk-away automation for serial volumetric Karl Fischer titration

Completely unattended volumetric water determination in up to 50 samples is now possible with the OMNIS Sample Robot from Metrohm.


Automating volumetric titration in whole series of samples used to be a challenge: Firstly, there is the risk of ambient moisture compromising sample integrity, and secondly, there is the necessity to start the titration in due time for each sample. Both challenges required the attention and constant presence of the lab technician during the analysis. Not any longer, as with the OMNIS Sample Robot users may now analyze water content in up to 50 samples completely unattended. The OMNIS Sample Robot features Dis-Cover, a technology that covers the sample vials automatically with an air and dust proof lid protecting them from ambient moisture even for extended time periods. Users benefit from reliable, reproducible results.


The OMNIS sample robot - efficient, safe, reliable and as flexible as you like


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