Liquid Chromatography

Practical Applications of the SCIEX Triple Quad 7500 LC-MS/MS System

This upcoming webinar will introduce you to the SCIEX Triple Quad™ 7500 LC-MS/MS System – QTRAP® Ready. Get ready to GO BEYOND current limits of sensitivity, productivity targets, ruggedness and robustness challenges.

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When is it happening?

This webinar will broadcast twice as below:

Date: 2 September 2020

Start Times:
Broadcast 1: 10 am BST (London) / 11 am CEST (Paris) / 2.30 pm IST (Mumbai) / 5 pm SGT (Singapore)

Broadcast 2: 10 am PDT (Los Angeles) / 12 pm CDT (New Orleans) / 1 pm EDT (New York)

What does it cover?

In this webinar, Ian Moore and Jianru Stahl-Zeng will introduce the SCIEX 7500 System and its new innovative technologies whilst also providing practical application data to demonstrate:

  • How the SCIEX 7500 System enables you to attain up to 7X greater sensitivity to quantify more trace analytes at lower levels across a broad suite of sample types and workflows.
  • What it means to expand your laboratory’s current capabilities. Characterize analytes that were once masked by matrices with the D Jet™ Ion Guide. The unique design of the ion guide retains and captures more of the ion plume. The evolution of the Turbo V™ Ion Source, the OptiFlow® Pro Ion Source, simplifies sample preparation and uses E Lens™ Technology to sample more ions so that you can get more from your ESI workflows.
  • A new dimension of efficiencies, compound analysis and sample testing. The SCIEX 7500 System is powered by SCIEX OS Software, enabling you to transform your samples into meaningful analytical answers. The intuitive software features and functions, complemented by visual aids and components, allow quick, accurate and confident data review on the SCIEX 7500 System.

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The Presenters

Ian Moore (SCIEX)
Ian has been with SCIEX for more than 8 years. He started as part of the development team on multiple products, including the QTRAP 6500+ LC-MS/MS System and DiscoveryQuant™ Software. After spending time as the Technical Marketing Manager for Pharma Quant and Met ID solutions, Ian joined the nominal mass product management team where he has played a key role in the launch of the SCIEX Triple Quad 5500+ System – QTRAP Ready, and most recently the SCIEX 7500 System.

Jianru Stahl-Zeng (SCIEX)
Jianru has been part of SCIEX since 2001. She initially was part of our application support team and covered not only proteomics but also small molecules applications. Jianru moved to technical marketing and focused on food and environmental applications. Since 2018 she has been managing the EMEA technical marketing team and projects. Jianru is also the Global Technical Leader for food and environmental applications.

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