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Experience JASIS 2018

JASIS is one of the largest exhibitions in Asia for analytical and scientific instruments. JASIS stands for "Japan Analytical & Scientific Instruments Show", the exhibition specialized in this field. Every year it is comprised of many exhibitors including domestic and overseas leading manufacturers. Total visitors exceed 20,000 each year.



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The Largest Exhibitions in Asia for Analytical and Scientific Instruments

Discover the latest instruments, equipment and solutions are displayed by exhibitors.



New Technology Seminars and Presentations

Seminars and presentations on new products, new technologies know-how are held.



JASIS Conference and Seminar

Seminars and forums hosted by organizations, societies and associations are held.


[Special Projects]

Open Solutions Forum

Programs are being organized that will allow introduction of a wider range of applications, based mainly in the environment, food products and automobiles. In order to allow for larger attendance, a special theatre is being established within the JASIS Exhibition Hall for 200 persons.


Life Sciences Innovation Zone

Under the theme "The Role of Analytical Instruments and Advanced Biopharmaceuticals/Healthcare", in a specially established zone within the JASIS Exhibition Hall, many keynote presentations focused on new technologies required in these fields are being organized.

Also, preparations such as exhibition space, presentation halls, business negotiation lounges etc., are being made with the aim of making this a base for disseminating technology information leading the life sciences market for enterprises and institutions.




Experience JASIS 2019 >> 

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