Gas Chromatography

[Webinar] Tips and Tricks to Improve your GC Performance and Productivity

Separation Science, in association with Agilent, offers the latest series of on-demand webinars that will help improve your GC performance and productivity. You’ll discover the advantages of remote lab operations, learn how to maximize productivity and pick up some useful column maintenance tips. Furthermore, you will learn how to overcome common frustrations and troubleshoot GC issues from experts in their field.

Agilent_130520_Header_GC_Series_fade_v2The presentations include:-

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Returning Your GC & GC/MS to Peak Performance
presented by Angie Smith-Henry and Vanessa Abercrombie
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  • maintaining the GC, MS, carrier gas and rough pumps to maintain (or gain) performance of the GC (and GC/MS) system
  • how to set-up your GC(MS) system for success with the optimal supplies and parameters to match the analysis

Remote Operations: This is How We GC
presented by Abbey Faussett
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  • intuitive operation via browser user interface is a powerful way to interact with the GC
  • remote diagnostics can quickly infer information on the status of the GC
  • network capabilities of Smart GCs can greatly increase the capabilities of daily laboratory operations

Getting Better GC/MS Results for Maximizing Productivity in High-throughput Labs
presented Angie Smith-Henry and Gustavo Serrano
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  • the best columns for GC-MS analysis and how to convert to a narrower bore column for faster analysis
  • how to set-up your GC (MS) system for success with the optimal supplies, tools, and strategies for running
  • the faster analysis and maintaining a clean system for as long as possible

New Ways of Quality Control QC Process with GC Innovations
presented by Dieter Franke
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  • how to ensure the safety of products starting with a comprehensive raw material introduction process supplemented by IQC
  • how direct column heating in gas chromatography reduced sample run times
    the advantages of 'Guard Chip Technology' – an end to column trimming saves crucial time
  • how to achieve fast, confident column changes with ferrule-free 'click-and-run' connections in Intuvo 9000 GC
  • how Intuvo 9000 GC drives better business outcomes with its new compact design with the same robust performance

GC/MS Analysis of Aromatics in Gasoline using ASTM D5769
presented by Jim McCurry and Craig Marvin
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  • the different ASTM configurations and operations of D5769
  • techniques to optimize the Agilent 8860/5977 GC/MS system for running D5769
  • how the 8860/5877 GC/MS system performs for different D5769 configurations

How to Successfully Perform High Temperature GC Applications
presented by Vanessa Abercrombie
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  • what the maximum operating temperature means
  • what can happen to the phase and fused silica when it is exceeded
  • how to successfully perform high temperature applications
  • how to elute up to C114

Intelligent GC Systems: Remote Operations and the Future of GC
presented by George Reiner and Jason Ashe
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  • about the real time, cost and frustration saving benefits of the smart GC systems
  • how to increase productivity and reduce unplanned downtime by working smarter
  • about the entire line of smart consumables that provide an additional level of intelligence to your system and your processes
  • how a simple firmware update provides the next level of intelligent features, letting your instrument get smarter to better prepare you for future testing needs


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