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Useful strategies to improve the sensitivity and reliability of your GC or GC/MS analysis

Would you like to improve the sensitivity and reliability of your GC or GC/MS analysis when dealing with complex matrix samples? Often sample preparation is the critical step needed and appropriate sample preparation techniques not only make samples amenable for GC injection at concentrations suitable for detection, but also remove and prevent unwanted matrix components from accumulating and deteriorating on the GC and GC/MS flow path. 

Watch this presentation to discover some useful strategies such as choosing the right GC column and supplies, as well as what level of sample preparation, and maintenance is required for method reliability and analytical data quality, using challenging representative applications.

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What does it cover?

GC high efficiency columns and liner selection, and sample preparation methods/techniques to improve the sensitivity and reliability of your GC and GC/MS analysis.

By viewing this webinar you will learn:

  • some of the strategies you can employ when working with complex matrix samples
  • how to reduce instrument down time due to needed maintenance such as source cleaning
  • how sample preparation can benefit your GC and GC/MS(-MS) analysis.


Vanessa_Abercrombie_80Vanessa Abercrombie 
(Gas Chromatography Applications Chemist, Agilent Technologies, USA)

Vanessa Abercrombie is GC Applications Chemist at Agilent Technologies in Folsom, California, USA. Vanessa has a broad background in GC and GC/MS, including experience as an instrument chemist at Bode Technology in Virginia working under contract to the FBI’s Laboratory Division. Prior to that, Vanessa worked for ETS Labs in St. Helena, California as an Analytical Chemist where she researched and developed quantitative separations by GC/MS and UHPLC for beer, wine and spirits. She holds a Masters of Forensic Science from The George Washington University and a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from Sonoma State University. 


Limian_ZhaoLimian Zhao
(Sample Preparation Applications Scientist, Agilent Technologies, USA)

Ms. Limian Zhao is a senior application scientist in Agilent Technologies Inc. She has been working with Agilent since 2008, involved in many product research, development and application projects, including LC, GC and sample preparation consumable products. She has over 15 years’ practical experiences in food, clinical and environmental testing industries, especially with knowledge and hands-on experience in many sample preparation techniques as well as analytical instrumentations. She understands the challenges that customers face with sample preparation issues across many markets and application areas. Limian has M.Sc degrees in the fields of Analytical Chemistry and Food Chemistry. 

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