Gas Chromatography

How to GC with remote operations

Sometimes, getting into the lab just isn’t possible. If you would like to learn more about classic and novel ways to interact with GCs this on-demand webinar will show you how remote operations can be achieved.

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Workflows and productivity shouldn’t be affected by an analyst’s proximity to the systems. Let us show you how Agilent’s lab enables remote operations. Historically, the primary route for connection and control was through the local computer. With the new features built into Agilent’s full line of Smart GCs, we now have a new option. Watch the webinar and learn more about classic and novel ways to interact with GCs. Let us show you how WE GC.

By viewing this presentation you will learn...

  • The intuitive operation through the browser user interface is a new and powerful way to interact with the GC.
  • Remote diagnostics can quickly infer information on the status of the GC.
  • Network capabilities of Agilent’s Smart GCs can greatly increase the capabilities of daily laboratory operations.

The Presenter

Abbey_Fausett_80Abbey Fausett
(Applications Chemist, Gas Phase Separations Division, Agilent, USA)  
Abbey Fausett is an applications chemist in the GC division of Agilent, with responsibilities for new product introduction and method development on GC and GC/MS platforms. Prior to joining Agilent, Abbey developed methods using hyphenated chromatographic techniques for military threat compounds in air and waste streams, as well as in material integrity evaluations.

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