Gas Chromatography

GC Learning Hub: Improve Your GC with Remote Operations

Agilent_GCHub_Splash_130520Separation Science, in collaboration with Agilent, offers a series of tutorials aimed at the GC and GC/MS user that form part of the 'GC Learning Hub'. In this tutorial you will learn about remote operation using Smart GCs and understand classic and novel ways to interact with them. 



  • Module 1: Introduction, Definitions and Network Levels
  • Module 2: Ways to Interact Remotely with GC and Agilent System Set-up
  • Module 3: Intelligent GC Systems Explained
  • Module 4: Accessing Help and Information
  • Module 5: Routine Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Module 6: Smart Alerts - Usage-driven Instrument Maintenance

Run Time: 60 minutes

By viewing this tutorial you will learn about ...

  • Intuitive operation through a browser user interface
  • Remote diagnostics on the GC
  • Network capabilities of Smart GCs and how they can can greatly increase the capabilities of daily laboratory operations.

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The Presenter

Abbey_Fausett_80Abbey Fausett
(Applications Chemist, Gas Phase Separations Division, Agilent, USA)
Abbey Fausett is an applications chemist within Agilent's Gas Phase Separation Division, where she has developed methods and training focusing on new features released in GC systems. Before joining Agilent in 2011, she was an Agilent customer for 10+years, focused in multi-technique method development and validation. Abbey has worked as a Field Service Engineer and was selected as the GC representative on the America's service specialist team. Abbey holds a B.S in Chemistry from Eastern Illinois University.

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