Food Analysis

Ion Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry Applications for Food & Beverage Analysis

Separation Science, in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific, offers the latest application notes for food and environmental analysis. Subjects areas cover determination of polar pesticides in various food and beverage samples using ion chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (IC-MS/MS) and ion chromatography high-resolution accurate mass mass spectrometry (IC-HRAM MS).



Applications cover a wide range of subjects, such as:

  • Determination of cationic polar pesticides in cereals using ion chromatography and tandem mass spectroscopy
  • Determination of quaternary ammonium polar pesticides in food and beverage samples by tandem IC-MS/MS
  • Determination of polar pesticides in grapes using a compact IC system coupled with tandem mass spectrometry
  • Determination of anionic polar pesticides and oxyhalides in beer and strawberry samples using IC-HRAM-MS
  • Determination of cationic polar pesticides in homogenized fruit and vegetable samples using IC-HRAM MS.

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In addition, there is a useful IC Column Selection Guide allowing you to find the best IC column for your specific application.

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