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Introducing a series of terpenoid CRM solutions

Need some help with your terpene analysis? If so, these certified reference materials may be what you're looking for...

Terpenoids are an important group of natural products in many different fields. They play an important role in spices, aromatherapy, perfumes, phytochemicals and are responsible for the intense scent of cannabis. In addition, some of the medicinal or physiological effects found in cannabis are attributed to specific terpenoids. Since terpenes testing and profiling can be used to better understand the characteristics but even more to identify and classify different strains reliable reference materials are needed.

For this purpose, Merck has developed two terpene mixes specifically required for cannabis testing (CRM40755 and CRM40937) and established more than 60 single component CRM solutions for terpenoids. The concentrations of these mixtures and solutions are typically 2000 μg/mL in methanol.


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