Environmental Analysis

Powering through the complexity of lithium ion battery analysis

Learn about the requirements of elemental analysis throughout the battery supply chain and the key role that ICP-MS instruments play in this upcoming webinar.

Why is PFAS testing so challenging?

In this expert discussion, industry leaders in the PFAS analytical testing field came together to share their own experiences. Watch now

Powering through the complexity of elemental environmental analysis

Explore the role that ICP-MS and supporting technologies play in environmental analysis by watching this on-demand webinar.

How to optimise your PFAS air sampling method using thermal desorption

Discover the advantages that thermal desorption (TD) offers, how to optimise a system for targeted and untargeted per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) analysis, and how to overcome challenges posed by low-level PFAS monitoring by viewing this ...

Achieving Low parts-per Quadrillion (ppq) Detection Limits for PFAS Analysis in Drinking Water

Learn some new ways to reduce contamination and modify sample preparation by elevating the sensitivity of mass spectrometers to reach low, single digit ppq (pg/L) detection levels for PFAS analysis in drinking water by watching this on-demand webinar

Learn how Intelligent Software can Streamline your Elemental Analysis Workflow

Find out the key role that software plays in a modern and integrated laboratory for elemental analysis by registering for this upcoming webinar on 7 December.

Critical Insights in the Detection of PFAS in Our Environment

Are you looking to optimize your laboratory workflow for PFAS analysis? If so, this on-demand webinar will provide a detailed overview of PFAS LC/MS/MS methods, including direct injection and SPE methods fitting to various global regulations.

How to Identify Benzene as a Pervasive Contaminant in the Consumer Products Industry

This presentation describes the identification of benzene in a variety of consumer products and how the company, Valisure provides independent quality assurance throughout the supply chain.

PAMS Analysis during COVID-19 Lockdowns in New York City

This on-demand webinar discusses PAMS (Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Stations) analysis conducted during Covid-19 lockdowns and how excellent data stability is achieved over extended sampling periods.

Be More Productive with ICP-MS Instruments

Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) is a key technology for trace elements in routine focused laboratories. The determination of trace elements is regulated in a number of sample matrices, including drinking waters (EPA method...

A Review of Air Sampling Techniques and Monitoring of Ozone Precursor VOCs

Separation Science, in collaboration with PerkinElmer has developed an upcoming webinar that will compare the different techniques of air sampling and when they are utilized. Regulatory agencies globally are increasing requirements and rigor for the...

GC-MS Technology to Improve Analytical Efficiency and Reduce Cost of Operation for VOC and SVOC Compound Analysis

Separation Science, in collaboration with its sponsors Agilent, Markes International and PerkinElmer, has developed an 'Advances in Environmental Analysis eSeminar'. This unique on-demand event brings together some of the leading exponents in the...

Success using Alternate Carrier Gases for Volatile Methods

In this presentation from a recent 'Advances in Enviromental Analysis eSeminar' hosted by Separation Science in collaboration with PerkinElmer, Lee Marotta (PerkinElmer, USA) reports on the success of using alternate carrier gases for volatile...

Volatiles and Semi-Volatiles in Air: the Cost Effective, One Analysis, Green Solution

In this presentation from a recent 'Advances in Enviromental Analysis eSeminar' hosted by Separation Science in collaboration with PerkinElmer, Roberta Provosta (Pace Analytical Services, USA) and Lee Marotta (PerkinElmer, USA) present a cost...

Efficient, Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly Approach to Semi-volatile Analysis

In this presentation from an 'Advances in Enviromental Analysis eSeminar' hosted by Separation Science in collaboration with PerkinElmer, Lee Marotta (PerkinElmer, USA) describes some environmentally friendly techniques for semi-volatile analysis...

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