Environmental Analysis

Fast and High-Resolution LC-MS Separation of PFAS

In this article from Issue 11 of the Analytix Reporter, produced by Merck, the rapid separation of 33 PFAS compounds as per EPA 537.1, EPA 533, and EPA 8327 is demonstrated.

The Power of GC-TOF-MS for Environmental Applications

Discover how GC-TOF-MS and GC×GC-TOF-MS technologies can dramatically enhance your applications for environmental analysis and increase data quality and sample throughput. 

Highly Efficient Monitoring of VOCs in Stack Emissions using TD-GC-MS

Markes International has produced an application note for the highly efficient monitoring of VOCs in stack emissions using sorbent tubes analysed by TD–GC–MS in accordance with European standard method CEN/TS 13649. The value of repeat analysis for...

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