Environmental Analysis

Improve the Analysis of Soil Gas to determine if Targets are Missed

Separation Science, in collaboration with Perkin Elmer, brings you an on-demand version of a webinar titled 'Site Studies in the Analysis of Soil Gas to determine if Targets are Being Missed?' by Roberta Provost, senior chemist in the Air Laboratory at Pace Analytical.

This webinar discusses the current soil vapor intrusion (SVI) tube for analyzing toxic compounds in soil gas covers the analyte range from difluorodichloromethane through phenathrene. A new tube has been developed to cover from 1,3-butadiene through the 16 EPA regulated polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

Environmental Analysis

This research provides “side-by-side” experiments using the established SVI tube and the new XRO-440 tube to determine if analytes above the boiling point of phenanthrene are present in soil gas.

By viewing this on-demand presentation you will learn...

  • the results from three sampling sites
  • the advantages of using EPA Method TO-17 to recover and to attain results for an analyte range between C3 to C40 in soil gas

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