Environmental Analysis

Overcoming the challenges of accurate water determination

Want to understand a versatile and generally accepted analytical method for determining water content in almost any sample? You need expert advice from a Karl Fischer Titration veteran...

This on-demand webinar presentation will lead you through the most versatile and generally accepted analytical method for determining water content in any kind of sample including solids, liquids, and gases. Extracting all water content, maintaining a pH range between 5 and 7, and avoiding side reactions in the solvent system are critical to the accurate determination of water content in samples.

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DougClark_Web.pngSpeaker: Doug Clark (National Technical Specialist for Hydranal™ Reagents – Americas, Honeywell Research Chemicals)

HoneywellHydranal_v2.pngThis on-demand webinar will focus on how the system can be modified to fit the needs of the sample. To improve solubility, the addition of a co-solvent, the elevation of the system’s temperature and the addition of a homogenizer are all acceptable methods of improving water extraction from the sample. The addition of an appropriate buffer may be required to maintain proper pH control. Problematic functional groups and the specialty reagents that allow for their analysis will be discussed. In addition, the Karl Fischer Oven will be discussed with regard to insoluble or problematic samples.

By viewing this presentation you will learn...

  • the importance of choosing the correct Karl Fischer technique and reagents for different sample types
  • how to optimize Karl Fischer titration for specific sample types
  • how to use standards to verify sample results

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