Environmental Analysis

[eBook] Advances in Environmental Analysis

Separation Science, in collaboration with Restek, offers an eBook outlining application notes, articles and solutions for fast and simple methods for water analysis including PFAS analysis and LC-MS/MS analysis of acrylamide in drinking water.


Below are some of the topics included in this 38-page resource:

  • Novel Stationary Phase for Comprehensive PFAS Analysis - Ultrashort-Chain (C2, C3), Alternative, and Legacy Compounds
  • Integrating the Analysis of Ultrashort-Chain PFAS
  • A Novel Approach for Ultrashort-Chain PFAS Analysis in Water Samples
  • LC-MS/MS Analysis of Acrylamide in Drinking Water Using Large Volume Injection
  • Rtx-Wax: A Rugged and Reliable Choice for the Analysis of Glycols in Water
  • Increase Sample Throughput for Organochlorine Pesticides Analysis with Improved Cleanup and Accelerated Analytical Conditions

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