Bioclinical Analysis

Label-free proteomics performance with a mass spectrometer with single-cell sensitivity

This technical note introduces the The Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap Exploris™ 480 MS for protein and peptide identifications offering high reliability across instruments and sites — an essential for large-scale studies.

Micro-flow LC-MS Proteome Analysis

Discover the advantages and place of microLC hyphenation with high-resolution accurate mass (HRAM) MS in proteomics research in this on-demand webinar. For further details and to register, click below.

Early detection of Alzheimer’s biomarkers

Shimadzu and the Clinical Laboratory and Proteomics Platform of the CHU University Hospital of Montpellier, France have announced their collaboration on a joint study into the early detection of Alzheimer’s biomarkers.

Absolute Quantification of Proteins in Snake Venom

Agilent Technologies has produced an application note describing the absolute quantification of snake venom proteins. Using capillary LC to separate the proteins, followed by sulfur determination using isotope dilution ICP-QQQ, accurate...

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