Bioclinical Analysis

[eBook] Forensic Sample Analysis

In forensic analysis, Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) allows analysts to selectively isolate and concentrate compounds, such as drug molecules, from complex matrices including blood, plasma, urine, and tissue. While SPE is a valuable sample preparation...

Forensic Sample Analysis

Separation Science, in collaboration with UCT, brings you the Forensic Sample Analysis eBook covering a range of solid-phase extraction (SPE) techniques and corresponding LC-MS/MS parameters for analysing various compounds in biological samples.

Mobile mass spectrometry – taking the lab to the field

Portable mass spectrometry often seems to be the stuff of science fiction, but it is widely regarded as necessary to keep up with the demands of an evolving approach to human wellness. While the devices we imagine in fantasy and conceptualize for...

A Microelution Extraction Technique for Drugs of Abuse with Streamlined Sample Clean-up

This on-demand webinar outlines methods for extracting a large drugs of abuse panel from urine and plasma using reverse-phase and mixed-mode sorbent chemistries. For further details and to register, click below.

Forensics resource hub - stay up to date on the science with SCIEX!

Upload complete: Access 6 new forensic resources now as we want to ensure that you have access to the cutting-edge science SCIEX is working on. You can learn more about our innovative mass spectrometry solutions, and about how we help to break new...

Better GC Analysis for Forensic Applications

Separation Science, in collaboration with Agilent, offers a selection of application notes relevant for forensic analysis using GC or GC/MS. Learn how to perfect your screening techniques for drugs of abuse and speed up your analyses for various...

SCIEX is your partner in crime: Download the Wiley libraries info kit

New designer drugs are flooding today’s market with alarming speed. These drugs are so volatile that a simple tweak of a molecule could create an entirely different substance altogether. For this reason, your laboratory needs tools that enable you...

Speed up your analysis of varied forensic samples

This White Paper introduces the Agilent QuickProbe GC/MS system — a novel system for quick analysis of various forensic samples including liquids, powders, tablets, plant materials and plastics. When used efficiently, the QuickProbe system and its...

Screen 664 Forensic Toxicology Compounds in Under 10 Minutes

No more drawn out method development - accurate testing of 664 forensic toxicology compounds in less than 10 minutes is now a reality with this plug and play vMethod.

Streamlining Forensic Laboratory Informatics for NPS Screening

This webinar describes how LC-MS/MS has emerged as a powerful technique to handle the full range of toxicology screening applications.

Forensic Analysis of Cocaine and its Metabolites in Hair Samples

Cocaine is one of the most commonly abused recreational drugs, with an estimated 16.5 million people or 0.35% of the worldwide population abusing the substance. Detection of its use can be performed in several biological matrices such as blood,...

Identify rapidly evolving novel psychoactive drug substances faster

Capture traces of tomorrow's drugs today and identify rapidly evolving novel psychoactive drug substances faster with this eBook from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Analyse drugs of abuse and novel psychoactive substances in a forensic lab

Dr. Giampietro Frison of the Laboratory of Environmental Hygiene and Forensic Toxicology discusses how he effectively manages his growing load of forensic toxicology cases.

Simple method for the detection of controlled substances in blood samples

This technical note from Thermo Fisher Scientific describes the detection of controlled substances in blood samples using the VeriSpray ion source with TSQ Altis MS for clinical research and forensic toxicology.

How to perform better GC for forensic analysis

Separation Science, in collaboration with Agilent, presents an application note demonstrating the versatility of its 8890 gas chromatography (GC) system that enables you to work smarter with autonomous monitoring, remote connectivity, and other...

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