Bioclinical Analysis

Streamlining Forensic Laboratory Informatics for NPS Screening

This webinar describes how LC-MS/MS has emerged as a powerful technique to handle the full range of toxicology screening applications.

LC-MS/MS provides a comprehensive tool for forensic toxicology laboratories for the detection and identification of prescribed, over the counter drugs, as well as illicit drugs and their metabolites, with a high level of sensitivity and specificity.

There has been a sharp rise in the number of novel psychoactive substances.

Many of these so called designer drugs or 'legal highs' hitting the street market have yet to be fully characterized and, therefore, cannot be fully analysed by traditional screening methods.

The SCIEX forensic screening application solutions includes a unique suite of tools to detect and identify these compounds.

This webinar presents the set of features and workflows available to forensic toxicologists to rapidly identify and quantify these emerging substances with confidence, increasing laboratory throughput and efficiency.

By attending this webinar you will learn...

  • how SCIEX instruments in combination with novel and intuitive informatic solutions provide a streamlined and comprehensive solution for the detection of these novel psychoactive substances
  • how data processing in typical workflows is performed on a set of real samples, and how SCIEX OS Software is used to streamline generation of results with a high level of confidence.



PierreNegriPierre Negri (Global Technical Marketing Lead, Forensics, SCIEX) collaborates with global key opinion leaders in the criminalistic and forensic toxicology research areas to develop and implement new mass spectrometry methods. His main focus lies in determining the emerging forensic trends to address customer and market needs by creating marketing campaigns to promote the use of SCIEX instruments for a variety of forensic assays and applications.


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