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Screen 664 Forensic Toxicology Compounds in Under 10 Minutes

No more drawn out method development - accurate testing of 664 forensic toxicology compounds in less than 10 minutes is now a reality with this plug and play vMethod.


SCIEX Screen 664

Detect a comprehensive suite of familiar and novel psychoactive forensic analytes using the X500R QTOF System.

Reduce the risk of compromised results by analyzing your whole blood or urine samples with High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry (HRMS) that enables your crime lab to deliver concise and comprehensive analysis of your forensic evidence.

  • No need for drawn out method development – a detailed standard operating procedure is included in the vMethod.


  • Plug and Play – the 664 forensic toxicology compounds have been optimized already along with the chromatographic separation conditions.


  • Backlog reduction – with the run time of less than 10 minutes there is a potential to reduce and avoid any costly backlogs.


Download the vMethod, Plus Bonus Application Notes!



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