Bioclinical Analysis

Learn how modular spectrometers and multispectral imaging can enhance your analysis

Are you looking for a new solution to your biomedical, clinical or life science application challenges? Want to learn more about the capabilities and benefits of modular spectrometers and multispectral imaging? If so, Ocean Optics offers a number of resources to help.



Unlock the Unknown with Multispectral Imaging

App2ThumbAdvances in sensors, filters and apertures are driving the evolution of multispectral imaging from expensive one-off systems primarily for military and defense apps to affordable, practical, commercial systems for use in everything from medical imaging to satellite remote sensing.


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Quantifying Protein Concentration using UV Absorbance Measured by the Ocean HDX Spectrometer

App3ThumbProteins are a common sample in clinical, diagnostic and research labs. Studies involving protein extraction, purification or labeling, or working with proteins extracted from cells or labeled for study of the interactions between biomolecules, are common. Determination of protein concentration is a critical part of protein studies. In this application note, we use an Ocean HDX spectrometer to generate a standard curve for bovine serum albumin (BSA). High sensitivity in the UV, ultra-low stray light performance and upgraded optics make the Ocean HDX ideal for UV absorbance measurements.


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