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Analyse drugs of abuse and novel psychoactive substances in a forensic lab

Dr. Giampietro Frison of the Laboratory of Environmental Hygiene and Forensic Toxicology discusses how he effectively manages his growing load of forensic toxicology cases.

Analysis of Drugs of Abuse and Novel Psychoactive Substances in a Forensic Lab

By viewing this video, you will learn how to:

  • manage a 7,000 sample/year forensic caseload with efficiency
  • increase sample throughput using automated online sample preparation and multi-channel UHPLC
  • identify and quantify traditional and new illicit drugs
  • use retrospective analysis to prevent sample re-run
  • identify unknown substances and their metabolites
  • identify MMC and dehydronorketamine in hair
  • achieve 20–30 minute sample turnaround time, including processing and analysis. 

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