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Dealing with Metal Adduct Ions in Electrospray: Part 2

Previously we discussed the fundamental issue of metal adduct ion formation in electrospray LC/MS including method development strategies for dealing with adduct ions. This article will examine a real-world application which employs these...

Dealing with Metal Adduct Ions in Electrospray: Part 1

The term “adduct ion” is a popular term among liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS) users to describe ions formed by adduction of alkali metal ions to an analyte molecule in positive ion analysis. However, the well-informed user should...

Improving Electrospray LODs by Decreasing Column Diameter

Reducing the internal diameter of your HPLC columns is an advantage for electrospray (ESI) LC/MS users. To understand this, two characteristics of ESI must be understood: (1) how response (i.e., peak area or height), is related to analyte...


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